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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if only we could see everything we are meant to be.

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Life runs along the way, last for miles,
but as for some it cuts short, and for others so short.

So let's look ahead.
With our wishful dreams and hopes for future.
The darkness of sorrow, the light of happiness.
The swift breeze of morning, the warm atmosphere of noon.
Thousand leaves dancing at our feet.
Walking into the light of an anonymous.

And now we've come across the path.
All things we ought to know, now full of doubts.
Tears fall so heavily yet no one sees.
Cries, echo, ears itself can't hear.
Broken hearts all around.
Shatters and fall all around us.
As we fall to our knees, clutching our chests and weep in pain,
Does no one see?
Both broken life and broken dream?

As we are a part of nature,
the sky cries a broken song,
as we cry along to its shattering melody, studded rhythm
and of a once beautiful love song.

And as our relationships broaden there comes our friends.
Friends may come and go,
Some move along with their lives, leaving us behind.
Yet some stay and never let go.
Hands reach out as others never even try.

And everyone has a family.
A father that holds a young and talented daughter.
A mother that holds a strong and proud little boy
The future's bequest that they do see yet you do not see.

The world turns and spins.
And in the middle is where we stand.
In a twisting web, a tree of life.
if only we could see everything we are meant to be.


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