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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Im human but that is all that I am.

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Why was life never made easy?
I wonder when was it ever made right?
Im human but that is all that i am.
Im not made to live life through everything all alone.
I can't take every throw everyone's hitting at me.
I can stand only through so many before i fall.
And when i finally do...
Will everyone see all the bruises and scars they have left on me?
Then will they finally notice my tear-jerking face?
The misty confusion in my eyes?
I wonder what...
What have i done?
Was i wrong for trying to be there for you?
Was i so wrong for loving you?
I try to stand, they tripped me
I'm down, they stepped on my hands, I can't fight back.
They threw an arrow and dagger both through my heart.
And as i weap i say "im sorry" over and over again.
Do my words reach their ears?
Do my crys reach them at all?
They badmouthed and laugh at my back
They say cruel things that feels like a cut in my back.
I feel the hurt and the pain from the betrayal.
That is even friendship is snaping like a branch from once healthy tree.
We used to laugh and smile,
but now they throw stones and im left to take to the fall.
Will they notice me when im gone?
Will they notice me when i leave?
Cause i can no longer take the pain of them walking all over me?
If you could, would you silence the stone for me?


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