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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Along the Road.

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it is still too far
the road towards the sun.
the path i'll take
towards my everlasting happiness.

im wondering
how many days? how many weeks?
how many months? how many years?
before i can grasp it?

i wonder how many curves are
in this path im crossing?
i wonder if i'll get lost in this journey?
i wonder how much rains are along the way?
i wonder what'll be next phases of moon
i'll be able to see?
i wonder how sparkly and glittery
the stars will be?

i wonder how much beauty of this world
can i unravel?
i wonder who'll i meet during my journey?
i wonder if i can see my shooting star.
i wonder if i can wish,
and i wonder if it'll be granted or not.

i wonder how many miracles can i see
how much love i'll get
how many real friends i'll have
and how much pain i'll feel.

i wonder if i can survive.
i wish i can.
i really don't want to die yet.
and i really don't want to experience thousands of pain.
but i don't like the much/all happy life as well.

i want to meet many challenges.
i like thrills and tense situations.
i like adventures.
then if it's like that
i'll have my own chronicles
and surpass its own obstacles!

i'll enjoy!
i'll have fun!
though i'll cry sometimes
i'll never be bored!
i'll laugh and smile
as i continue living on
with God.
with my family.
with my true friends.
all of them guiding me.
and with my special person
who i wish to walk with in this journey.
but im really wondering
is there an end to this path?
or will this continue on forever?

sleepy. tomorrow again. ;]


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