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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It Rains

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this day you'll be gone
so now in darkness i'll be drawn
 along with those figments of you
brightening my milieu ; and so out of the blue
raindrops came along with the wind that blew
at the window i stared,
in the sky was watching those things that flared
wishing that somehow you're here with me
watching all those birds that flee
fed up with just staring; i went out
and your name i did shout
along with this melancholic setting
a sudden sense of nostalgia was lingering
it was all recollected; the sorrowful pieces
it made myself and i torn as my pain increases
and now that you're gone; what's the next thing to do?
is it just to wait for you? still love you? miss you?
yes, i love you; its an everlasting happiness
yet it became a never-ending feeling of ache
the moment you fly away bringing my gladness
rain started to pour down from my eyes because of sadness;
i never thought letting go of your hand
was just like letting go of my own soul
and now i was left incomplete
standing on my own feet.


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